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MC-SC2 Publications of year 2004
Books and proceedings
    K. Kosmidou and C. Zopounidis. Goal Programming Techniques for Bank Asset Liability Management. Springer, Formerly Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston, Dordrecht, London, 2004. [bibtex-entry]

Articles in journal or book chapters
    N. Belacel. La méthodologie de l'aide multicritère à la décision pour les problèmes de l'aide au diagnostique médical. In P. Dougoulet and M. Fieshi, editors, Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication pour les Pratiques Médicales, Collection Informatique et Santé, chapter 16, pages 295-304. Springer-Verlag, France, 2004. [bibtex-entry]

    N. Belacel. The k-closest resemblance approach for multiple criteria classification problems. In L.-T. Hoai and P. Tao, editors, Modelling, Computation and Optimization Information and Management Sciences, pages 525-534. Hermes Sciences Publishing, 2004. [bibtex-entry]

    F. Sobrado, J. Pikatza, I. Larburu, J. Garcia, and D. Ipiña. Towards a clinical practice guideline implementation for asthma treatment. In R. Conejo, M. Urretavizcaya, and J.-L. Pérez-de-la-Cruz, editors, Current Topics in Artificial Intelligence, volume 3040 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science (subserires: Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence ), pages 587-596. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2004. Note: 10th Conference of the Spanish Association for Artificial Intelligence, CAEPIA 2003, and 5th Conference on Technology Transfer, TTIA 2003, San Sebastian, Spain, November 12-14, 2003. Revised Selected Papers. [bibtex-entry]

    A. Amo, J. Montero, G. Biging, and V. Cutello. Fuzzy classification systems. European Journal of Operational Research, 156(2):495-507, 2004. Keyword(s): classification, fuzzy sets, fuzzy partition, multicriteria analysis. [bibtex-entry]

    J.-P. Barthélemy, F. Brucker, and C. Osswald. Combinatorial optimization and hierarchical classifications. 4OR: A Quarterly Journal of Operations Research, 2(3):179-219, 2004. Keyword(s): hierarchical classification, quasi-hierarchies, rigid hypergraphs, complexity, clustering algorithms, subdominant. [bibtex-entry]

    N. Belacel and M. Boulassel. Multicriteria fuzzy classification procedure PROCFTN: Methodology and medical application. Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 141(2):203-217, 2004. Keyword(s): multicriteria decision aid, classification, fuzzy sets, fuzzy binary relations, scoring function, astrocytic tumour, medical diagnosis, PROCFTN. [bibtex-entry]

    N. Belacel, M. Cuperlovic-Culf, M. Laflamme, and R. Ouelette. Fuzzy J-means and VNS methods for clustering genes from microarray data. Bioinformatics Journal, 20:1690-1701, 2004. [bibtex-entry]

    D. Bouyssou and M. Pirlot. 'Additive difference' models without additivity and subtractivity. Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 48:263-291, 2004. Keyword(s): conjoint measurement, nontransitive preferences, additive difference model, cancellation conditions. [bibtex-entry]

    D. Bouyssou and M. Pirlot. Preferences for multiattributed alternatives: Traces, dominance, and numerical representations. Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 48(3):167-185, 2004. Keyword(s): conjoint measurement, nontransitive preferences, decision analysis with multiple attributes, dominance, traces. [bibtex-entry]

    N. Brunner and M. Starkl. Decision aid systems for evaluating sustainability: A critical survey. Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 24(4):441-469, 2004. Keyword(s): aggregation, axiomatic analysis, feasibility, multi-criteria decision support systems, outranking, social welfare theory, urban water management. [bibtex-entry]

    Y. De Smet and L. Montano Guzmán. Towards multicriteria clustering: An extension of the k-means algorithm. European Journal of Operational Research, 158(2):390-398, 2004. Keyword(s): multiple criteria analysis, clustering, preference modelling, k-means algorithm. [bibtex-entry]

    M. Doumpos, K. Kosmidou, and F. Pasiouras. Prediction of acquisition targets in the UK: A multicriteria approach. Operations Research: An International Journal, 4(2):191-211, 2004. [bibtex-entry]

    M. Doumpos and C. Zopounidis. A multicriteria classification approach based on pairwise comparisons. European Journal of Operational Research, 158(2):378-389, 2004. Keyword(s): multicriteria analysis, classification, preference relation, linear programming. [bibtex-entry]

    M. Doumpos and C. Zopounidis. Developing sorting models using preference disaggregation analysis: An experimental investigation. European Journal of Operational Research, 154(3):585-598, 2004. Keyword(s): multicriteria analysis, sorting, preference disaggregation, Monte Carlo simulation. [bibtex-entry]

    M. Gomez Delgado and J. Sendra. Sensitivity analysis in multicriteria spatial decision-making: A review. Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, 10:1173–1187, 2004. Keyword(s): sensitivity analysis, multicriteria evaluation, geographical information systems, noxious facilities, collaborative decision-making. [bibtex-entry]

    S. Greco, B. Matarazzo, and R. Słowiński. Axiomatic characterization of a general utility function and its particular cases in terms of conjoint measurement and rough-set decision rules. European Journal of Operational Research, 158(2):271-292, 2004. Keyword(s): multiple-criteria decision making, preference modelling, utility function, conjoint measurement, decision rules, axiomatization. [bibtex-entry]

    P. Hammer, A. Kogan, B. Simeone, and S. Szedmák. Pareto-optimal patterns in logical analysis of data. Discrete Applied Mathematics, 144(1-2):79-102, 2004. Keyword(s): extremal patterns, data mining, machine learning, classification accuracy, boolean functions. [bibtex-entry]

    P. Hammer, Y. Liu, B. Simeone, and S. Szedmák. Saturated systems of homogeneous boxes and the logical analysis of numerical data. Discrete Applied Mathematics, 144(1-2):103-109, 2004. Keyword(s): box–clustering, logical data analysis, agglomerative algorithms. [bibtex-entry]

    H. Ishibuchi and T. Yamamoto. Fuzzy rule selection by multi-objective genetic local search algorithms and rule evaluation measures in data mining. Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 141(1):59-88, 2004. Keyword(s): data mining, pattern classification, fuzzy rule selection, evolutionary multi-criterion optimization, hybrid genetic algorithms. [bibtex-entry]

    U. Junker. Preference-Based Search and Multi-Criteria Optimization. Annals of Operations Research, 130:75-115, 2004. Keyword(s): preferences, nonmonotonic reasoning, constraint satisfaction, multi-criteria optimization, search. [bibtex-entry]

    T. Kanungo, D. Mount, N. Netanyahu, C. Piatko, R. Silverman, and A. Wu. A local search approximation algorithm for k-means clustering. Computational Geometry, 28(2-3):89-112, 2004. Keyword(s): clustering, k-means, approximation algorithms, local search, computational geometry. [bibtex-entry]

    S. Khan and A. Ahmad. Cluster center initialization algorithm for k-means clustering. Pattern Recognition Letters, 25(11):1293-1302, 2004. Note: Short Communication. Keyword(s): k-means clustering, initial cluster centers, cost function, density based multiscale data condensation. [bibtex-entry]

    K. Kosmidou, M. Doumpos, F. Voulgaris, and C. Zopounidis. Economic and technological aspects of the european competitiveness: A multicriteria approach. Journal of Economic Integration, 19(4), 2004. [bibtex-entry]

    K. Kosmidou, F. Pasiouras, M. Doumpos, and C. Zopounidis. Foreign versus domestic banks’ performance in the UK: A multicriteria approach. Computational Management Science, 1(3-4):329-343, 2004. [bibtex-entry]

    K. Kosmidou and C. Zopounidis. Bank asset liability management programming techniques: An overview. Foundations of Computing and Decision Sciences, 29(3):193-204, 2004. [bibtex-entry]

    K. Kosmidou and C. Zopounidis. Combining goal programming model with simulation analysis for bank asset liability management. Information Systems and Operational Research Journal, 42(3):175-187, 2004. [bibtex-entry]

    K. Kweku-Muata and O. Osei-Bryson. Evaluation of decision trees: A multi-criteria approach. Computers & Operations Research, 31(11):1933-1945, 2004. Keyword(s): decision tree, evaluation, performance measures, multi-criteria decision analysis. [bibtex-entry]

    R. Lourenço and J.P. Costa. Using ELECTRE TRI outranking method to sort MOMILP nondominated solutions. European Journal of Operational Research, 153(2):271-289, 2004. Keyword(s): sorting, multiple objective mixed integer linear program. [bibtex-entry]

    P. Mangiameli, D. West, and R. Rampal. Model selection for medical diagnosis decision support systems. Decision Support Systems, 36(3):247-259, 2004. Keyword(s): model selection, medical diagnosis, neural networks, bootstrap aggregating models, diverse ensembles, baseline ensembles, bagging models. [bibtex-entry]

    M. Merad, T. Verdel, B. Roy, and S. Kouniali. Use of multi-criteria decision-aids for risk zoning and management of large area subjected to mining-induced hazards. Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, 19:165-178, 2004. Keyword(s): risk, public safety, subsidence, uncertainty, multi-criteria. [bibtex-entry]

    M. Michalopoulos, N. Thomaidis, G. Dounias, and C. Zopounidis. Using a fuzzy sets approach to select a portfolio of Greek government bonds. Fuzzy Economic Review, 9(2):27-48, 2004. [bibtex-entry]

    A. Morrissey and J. Browne. Waste management models and their application to sustainable waste management. Waste Management, 24(3):297-308, 2004. [bibtex-entry]

    V. Mousseau and L. C. Dias. Valued outranking relations in ELECTRE providing manageable disaggregation procedures. European Journal of Operational Research, 156(2):467-482, 2004. Keyword(s): multiple criteria analysis, valued outranking relations, veto effect, parameter inference procedures, ELECTRE. [bibtex-entry]

    H. Ono, M. Yagiura, and T. Ibaraki. A decomposability index in logical analysis of data. Discrete Applied Mathematics, 142(1-3):165-180, 2004. Keyword(s): logical analysis of data, boolean functions, decomposable functions, computational learning theory, random graph, probabilistic analysis. [bibtex-entry]

    K. Pendaraki, M. Doumpos, and C. Zopounidis. Towards a goal programming methodology for constructing equity mutual fund portfolios. Journal of Asset Management, 4(6):415-428, 2004. [bibtex-entry]

    K. Pendaraki, C. Zopounidis, and M. Doumpos. On the construction of mutual fund portfolios: A multicriteria methodology and an application to the Greek market of equity mutual funds. European Journal of Operational Research, 163(2):462-481, 2004. Keyword(s): mutual funds, multiple criteria analysis, goal programming, UTADIS. [bibtex-entry]

    R. Ramanathan. ABC inventory classification with multiple-criteria using weighted linear optimization. Computers & Operations Research, 2004. Keyword(s): ABC inventory classification, multiple criteria, weighted linear optimization. [bibtex-entry]

    J. Sarkis and S. Talluri. Performance based clustering for benchmarking of US airports. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 38(5):329-346, 2004. Keyword(s): data envelopment analysis, clustering, benchmarking, performance analysis. [bibtex-entry]

    H. Schneiderman and T. Kanade. Object Detection Using the Statistics of Parts. International Journal of Computer Vision, 56(3):151-177, 2004. Keyword(s): object recognition, object detection, face detection, car detection, pattern recognition, machine learning, statistics, computer vision, wavelets, classification. [bibtex-entry]

    S. Sohn and C. Dagli. Ensemble of Evolving Neural Networks in Classification. Neural Processing Letters, 19(3):191-203, 2004. Keyword(s): classification, combining classifiers, data mining, genetic algorithm, neural networks. [bibtex-entry]

    W.-J. Wang, Y.-X. Tan, J.-H. Jiang, J.-Z. Lu, G.-L. Shen, and R.-Q. Yu. Clustering based on kernel density estimation: nearest local maximum searching algorithm. Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems, 72(1):1-8, 2004. Keyword(s): NLMSA, pattern recognition, cluster analysis, kernel density estimation, local optimization. [bibtex-entry]

    C. Zopounidis, M. Doumpos, and P. Pardalos. Computational Classification Methods for Decision Making. Computational Management Science, 1(3-4):209-343, 2004. [bibtex-entry]

Conference articles
    N. Belacel, M. Cuperlovic-Culf, and M. Boulassel. The variable neighborhood search metaheuristic for fuzzy clustering CDNA microarray gene expression data. In Proceedings of IASTED International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Applications, Innsbruck, Austria, 2004. [bibtex-entry]

    N. Belacel and A. Ghorbani. Multiagent-based e-hospital, poster, telehealth. In e-Health Care: What Constitutes Return on Investment?, CST-2004-Conference, Vancouver, Canada, 2004. [bibtex-entry]

    M. Doumpos and C. Zopounidis. An outranking relation approach for classification problems based on pairwise comparisons. In C. Henggeler Antunes, J. Figueira, and J. N. Clímaco, editors, Proceedings of the 56th Meeting of the European Working Group ``Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding'', Coimbra, October 3-5, 2002, Portugal, pages 67-84, 2004. CCDRC, INESC Coimbra, Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra. Keyword(s): multicriteria decision aid, classification, outranking relations, linear programming. [bibtex-entry]

Internal reports
    P. Hammer, A. Kogan, and M. Lejeune. Modeling country risk ratings using partial orders. Technical report RRR 24-2004, RUTCOR, Rutgers Center for Operations Research, New Jersey, USA, 2004. [bibtex-entry]

    V. Mousseau, L. C. Dias, and J. Figueira. Dealing with inconsistent judgments in multiple criteria sorting models. Research Report 17, INESC Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal, 2004. Keyword(s): multicriteria decision aiding, sorting, inconsistent judgment, assignment examples, inconsistency analysis for LP. [bibtex-entry]

    V. Mousseau, L. C. Dias, and J. Figueira. Dealing with inconsistent judgments in multiple criteria sorting models. Cahier du LAMSADE 221, Université Paris-Dauphine, Paris, France, 2004. Keyword(s): multicriteria decision aiding, sorting, inconsistent judgment, assignment examples, inconsistency analysis for LP. [bibtex-entry]

    X. Wang. Country Risk Classification and Multicriteria Decision-Aid. Master's thesis, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, 2004. [bibtex-entry]

    J.-L. Marichal, P. Meyer, and M. Roubens. Multiple criteria sorting : TOMASO - A solution in the presence of interacting points of view. Newsletter of the European Working Group ``Multicriteria Aid for Decisions'', Nº 9(3), pages 10-12, 2004. Keyword(s): TOMASO. [bibtex-entry]

    P. Meyer and M. Roubens. Ordinal sorting in the presence of interacting points of view: TOMASO. In: 25th Linz Seminar on Fuzzy Set Theory, Mathematics of Fuzzy Systems, 2004. Note: Linz, February 3-7 2004, pp. 144-152. Keyword(s): TOMASO. [bibtex-entry]



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