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2008-06-06 09:45

This directory contains the researchers working on the MC-SC2 field, who asked us to belong to the list. We would like to express our gratitude to have them in this website. Thank you very much for your interest in the MC-SC2 field!

If you want to be listed in this directory, please just send us an e-mail, with your website and/or e-mail addresses, to mcsc2 @ ist.utl.pt. Your e-mail will be automatically added to the mailing list that allows to participate in the FORUM section. All the opinions collected will appear in that section (Note: The e-mails cannot be used for commercial purpose or for all spam message).

Current Researchers (By alphabetical order)
  ALMEIDA DIAS, Juscelino (judias @ ist.utl.pt) [References]
  ARSHAM, Hossein (harsham @ ubalt.edu)  
  BELACEL, Nabil (Nabil.Belacel @ nrc-cnrc.gc.ca) [References]
  BHATTACHARYA, Arijit (arijit.bhattacharya2005 @ gmail.com)  
  BOUYSSOU, Denis (bouyssou @ lamsade.dauphine.fr) [References]
new CAILLOUX, Olivier (olivier.cailloux @ ulb.ac.be)  
  CARRIZOSA, Emilio (ecarrizosa @ us.es)  
new CHEN, Ye (y3chen @ uwaterloo.ca) [References]
  CLÍMACO, João (jclimaco @ inescc.pt) [References]
  DE SMET, Yves (yves.de.smet @ ulb.ac.be) [References]
  DIAS, Luís (lmcdias @ fe.uc.pt) [References]
  DOUMPOS, Michael (mdoumpos @ dpem.tuc.gr) [References]
  FIGUEIRA, José Rui (figueira @ ist.utl.pt) [References]
  GRECO, Salvatore (salgreco @ unict.it) [References]
  KÖKSALAN, Murat (koksalan @ ie.metu.edu.tr) [References]
  MATARAZZO, Benedetto (matarazz @ unict.it) [References]
  MEYER, Patrick (patrick.meyer @ uni.lu) [References]
  MOUSSEAU, Vincent (mousseau @ lamsade.dauphine.fr) [References]
  NEMERY, Philippe (pnemeryd @ ulb.ac.be)  
  PASIOURAS, Fotios (pasiouras @ dpem.tuc.gr) [References]
  ROY, Bernard (roy @ lamsade.dauphine.fr) [References]
  Santos, José Paulo (jps @ fe.up.pt) [References]
  SISKOS, Yannis (ysiskos @ unipi.gr) [References]
  SŁOWIŃSKI, Roman (roman.slowinski @ cs.put.poznan.pl) [References]
  VANDERPOOTEN, Daniel (vdp @ lamsade.dauphine.fr) [References]
  ZANAKIS, Stelios H. (zanakis @ fiu.edu) [References]
  ZOPOUNIDIS, Constantin (kostas @ dpem.tuc.gr) [References]
new Added in the last two weeks.  

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