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This website was proposed in the end of the year 2004. It is particularly devoted to multiple criteria sorting, classification, and clustering problems within the MCDA, or MCDM, field and the so-called "sorting problematic".

We would like to make this website useful for our research community. Please send us your comments, remarks, suggestions, and also some contents (references, software, glossary, useful links, ...).

The bibliography was translated from BibTeX by bibtex2html, which are organized by year, category, author, and keyword. Currently, the MC-SC2 bibliography contains more than 670 references, and more than 890 distinct authors or editors. These references were published in more than 200 different journals or publishers, including more than 1,100 distinct keywords. 75 of these keywords are activated!

Recommended websites:
MCDA Bibliography (by Vincent Mousseau)
Newsletter of the EWG-MCDA
MCDA meetings

Please send us additional information concerning MCDA meetings (title, date, local, email, and website), and do not forget to submit your papers! See for example the 2007 MCDA meetings.


For all contacts, please use the following e-mail: mcsc2 @ ist.utl.pt. It should be noticed that we only consult this e-mail every 1-2 weeks and any reply will take some time. Please be patient! Thank you for your best comprehension. Thank you very much!


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